Who Are We?
The Longstreet Camp consists of descendants  of  Confederate
solders.   We  are dedicated to honoring the memory of those
brave ancestors who took up arms in defense of their  states
and  nation,  the  Confederate States of America.  They were
doing the same thing during the  years  1861  to  1865  that
George  Washington  and  his solders were doing from 1775 to
1783.  The difference is  that  the  Confederate  States  of
America lost the War.                                       

Just  as  the  Scots  will  never forget William Wallace and
Bonnie Prince Charlie, two others who fought in a cause that
ultimately  was defeated by to overwhelming forces, we shall
never forget the heroes of the South  and  we  shall  strive
diligently to see that their story is told truthfully.      

Our  ancestors  served  in  every  branch of the Confederate
Army-Artillery, Cavalry, Engineers, and Infantry.  While  we
have  descendants  of soldiers of four Confederate generals,
an American President, and a Vice President  of  the  United
States,  most  of  us  are descended from infantry privates.
Admiral John S.   McCain,  Jr.   father  of  today's  United
States  Senator,  said, "Nothing will ever replace a soldier
or Marine putting his foot on a piece  of  real  estate  and
asserting that no one is going to take it away."            

Most  of  our  ancestors fought in Virginia units.  However,
they  also  represented  the  states  of  Alabama,  Georgia,
Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

Our  Camp  was founded in 1961, during the centennial of the
War Between the  States.   Visit  us  and  learn  about  the
history of the War for Southern Independence.               

Walter Dunn Tucker                                          
March 11, 2002                                              

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