James Longstreet Camp Speakers
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	Date           Speaker            Topic                         
	January   Les Updike     The Battle of Lynchburg                        
	February  Cory Pfarr     Longstreet at Gettysburg                       
	March     Paul Sacra     The Mysterious East Cavalry field at Gettysburg
	April     Jeffry Burden  The Battle of Vicksburg                        
	May       Doug Crenshaw  The Battle of Seven Pines                      
	June      Bert Dunkerly  The Final Battles in North Carolina            
	July      Bob Krick      The Battle of Gaines Mill                      
	August                   NO MEETING in AUGUST                           
	Sept      John Launius   The Battle of the Wilderness                   
	Oct         (open)                                                      
	Nov       Mary O'Neill   Battlefield Landscapes                         
	Dec       Ruth Ann Coski Winnie Davis                                   
	January                    Meeting canceled due to snow.
	February  Les Updike       Ten Reasons for Secession; One Reason for War
	March     William Welsch   Confederate General Samuel Cooper
	January   Les Updike       Virginia and the 14th Amendment
	February  Preston Nuttall  The Amish Rebel
	March     Sam Craghead     Raider of the Cause: CSS Shenandoah
	April     Barton Campbell  Brice's Crossroads: Tactical Triumph, Strategic Loss
	May       Teresa Roane     Minorities in the Confederate Military: Combat Support
	June      Robert M. Dunkerly  Civil War Railroads
	July      Art Wingo        Chimborazo Hospital
	September William Connery  Mosby's Raid in Northern Virginia
	October   Eric App         A Virtual View of Civil War Richmond
	November  Paul Sacra       Payne's Farm Battlefield
	December  Waite Rawls      Ladies Memorial Associations
	January   William Connery   Honoring President Robert E. Lee
	February  Kyle Stetz        Witnesses to Gettysburg: Treasures from the Museum Collection
	March     JEB Stuart IV     Major General J.E.B. Stuart
	April     Edwin Ray         Researching Your Confederate Ancestors
	May       Rebecca Cumins    Lee's Right Arm, The Death of Stonewall Jackson
	June      Andrew H. Talkov  Civil War Artist Edwin Forbes
	July      Richard Nicholas  Sheridan's James River Campaign of 1865 through Central Virginia
	September Bob Krick         An Anniversary Overview of the Maryland Campaign
	October   Thomas Crew Jr.   John Brown - A Perfect Steel Trap
	November  John Coski, MOC   The Road Home from Appomattox
	December  Marilyn Iglesias  Captain Sally Tompkins
	January   Bob Forman        The Bermuda Hundred Campaign
	February  Scott Williams    The James River in The War
	March     Cathy Wright      The Message in a Bottle	
	April     Mike Gorman       Drewrys Bluff
	May       Ashley Whitehead  Second Cold Harbor
	June      Dave Goetz        Life and Times  of  John  Singleton  Mosby
	July      Marc Ramsey       The 7th SC Cavalry
	September Eric W. Buckland  Other members of Mosby's raiders
	October   John S. Philips   Coins, Tokens and Currency
	November  John Coski, MOC   The Road Home from Appomattox
	January   Eric Buckland     Mosby's Keydet Rangers
	February  Patricia Walenista  Richmond's Confederate Old Soldiers Home
	March     Jeffry Burden     Richmond's Shockoe Hill Cemetery
	April     Terry Thomann     Civil War Photography
	May       Bill Young        Talking Confederates
	June      Doug Pruiett      Kentucky in The War
	July      Les Updike        How Richmond Became the Capital of the Confederacy
	Sept.     Art Taylor        Captain William Latane
	October   Walter Tucker     The Election of 1860
	November  Mike Thomas       The 2nd Battle of Fair Oaks
	December  Jerry White       The Rebel and the Rose
	January   Mike Gorman       Richmond: Taken Again
	February  Barton Campbell   Battle of Pea Ridge
	March     Robert E. Lee Krick  Stonewall Jackson in Richmond
	April     Gregg Clemmer     Alleghany Johnson
	May       Michael Virts     Confederates Who Endured with Spiritual Faith
	June      Preston Nuttall   The Confederate Ironclad Albemarle: A Monument to Southern Resolve
	July      Walter Tucker     Fort Monroe
	September John J. Fox, III  The Confederate Alamo: Petersburg's Fort Gregg
	October   David Ruth        Rural Plains (Hanover County's Shelton Home)
	November  Catherine Wright  Lee's Last Casualty: The Life and Letters of Sgt. Robert W. Parker
	December  Jeff Toalson      Sends Me a Pair of Old Boots & Kiss My Little Girls:
                                          The Civil War Letters of Richard and Mary Watkins
	January    Jeff Toalson     Final  Months  of  Our  Confederate  Nation
	February   Mike  Gorman     Digitally Enhanced Photographs of the CW
	March      Hugh  Campbell   The Lewis and Clark Expedition
	April      Emerson  Williams  His Confederate Ancestors
	May        Brent Morgan     Researching Your War of Northern Agression Ancestors
	June       Arthur Candenquist  Stonewall Jackson's appropriation of the B&O Railroad Equipment
	July       Martin & Mary Schaller  Soldiering for Glory
	September  Fred Taylor      The Last at Appomattox
	October    Harry Boyd       Ghosts
	November   Henry Kidd       Petersburg: War on the Doorstep
	December   Bill Young       George Williamson Finley
	January    Mike Gorman      Photographs of Chaffin's Bluff
	February   Robert  Kenzer   The Richmond Daily Dispatch
	March      Donald Hakenson  John Singleton Mosby's Connection to Northern VA
	April      Harry Boyd       The Civil War and the Supernatural
	May        Ed Harris        General John B. Hood
	June       Fred Ray         Sharpshooters in the CW and their Impact
	July       Russell Darden   The Battle of Hicksford, VA
	September  Lt Col William Stringer Gen Robert E Lee Decisions July 2 Gettysburg
	October    John  Hock       Shirley Plantation's Roll During the CW
	November   Marc Leepson     Desperate Engagement
	December   John Quarstein   John Bankhead Magruder, late known as "Prince John"
	January    William Connery   CSS Shenandoah and the Last Shot of the CW
	February   Ben Greenbaum     Medical Practices During the CW
	March      David Bridges     Fighting With JEB Stuart: Major James Breathed
	                                        and the Confederate Horse Artillery
	April      Walter Tucker     The Heroes of Monument Avenue
	May        Michael Hardy     The Battle of Hanover Courthouse
	June       Wilson Greene     Petersburg's Wartime Experiences
	July       Walter Tucker     Confederate Naval Service
	September  Cmdr Dana Jackson Confederates Who Served in the Subsequent
	                             Indian Wars and in the Spanish-American War
	October    Col Hyman Schwartzberg   Early Air Warfare During the CW
	November   Pete Bolling      Confederate Jamestown
	December   Richard Williams,Jr  Thomas J Jackson and His Sunday School
	                                     Class for Blacks in Lexington
	January    Mike Gorman       Richmond Civil War Hospitals
	February   Deron Jackson     Stonewall Jackson
	March      Tom Perry         J. E. B. Stuart
	April      Louis Manarin     Henrico County: Field of Honor
	May        Carl Wood         Confederate Artillery and Ordnance
	June       Harry Boyd        Davis and Lee-The Special Relationship
	July       Jack Trammell     Confederate Nitre Mining
	September  Waite Rawls III   White House of the Confederacy
	October    Mike Gorman       Fort Lee
	November   Jon Hatfield      Virginia War Memoral
	December   John & Ruth Ann Coski  Confederate Christmas
	January    David Johnson          Douglas Southall Freeman           
	February   Col. Thomas C. Taylor  Stratford Hall, home of the Lee's  
	March     James L. Hutton, III    The psychological experience of 
	                     the southern male before and after the war.
	April     Chuck Peple             Henrico Battlefield Research
	May       Mark Greenough          Virginia State Capitol
	June      Ed Harris               Nathan Bedford Forrest
	July      Virginia Morton         Culpeper
	September Robert E. Lee Krick     Longstreet's Staff Officers
	October   Bill Potter             The Battle of Williamsburg
	November  Karen Kinzey            Arlington House
	December  Ed Bearss               Longstreet's Wounding at the Wilderness
	January     None               Election of Officers and Meeting  
	February    Gregg Kimball      Antebellum Richmond Militia Units 
	March       Walter Tucker      Men of Statue                     
	April       Dan Paterson       General Longstreet                
	May         John Coski         The Confederate Nation            
	June        Russell Darden     Mrs. Alberta Martin               
	July        Lindsay Gray       Richmond National Battlefield Park
	September   John Salmon        Tredegar National Civil War Center
	October     William J. Martin  The Valentine Museum              
	November    Jack Ackerly       Jackson's Valley Campaign         
	December    Jeb Stuart, IV     JEB Stuart                        

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