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Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Museum of the Confederacy Resolution
Sunday, 25 June 2006, Lexington, Virginia

The Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, meeting
in Executive Council in Lexington, Virginia, Sunday 25 June
2006, unanimously authorizes the following resolution:

Whereas the Museum of the Confederacy is currently enduring unprecedented
disruption to its ability to remain accessible to the public and to
conduct historical programming, due to construction projects undertaken
by Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia, and

Whereas inaccessibility has driven down attendance at the Museum to a level
insufficient to prevent the Museum from operating at an annual fund
deficit, and

Whereas the Museum houses a priceless collection of artifacts with direct
historical relevance to the War of Northern Aggression and represents an
unprecedented resource for historical research and preservation for the
entire South and the Nation, and

Whereas the Museum's collection includes the White House of the Confederacy, a
National Historic Landmark, which may be required to move if the
financial crisis at the Museum is not resolved, and

Whereas the Sons of Confederate Veterans is an instrumental guarantor of the
history and culture of the South, and with it, the history and culture
of the Nation, therefore be it

Resolved, the Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, strongly
encourages and recommends each member of a Camp within the Virginia
Division to also become a member, at any membership level, of the Museum
of the Confederacy, and authorizes each Camp to request membership funds
from each member and pass them along to the Virginia Division Adjutant,
who will transfer each member's information and payment to the Museum of
the Confederacy.

Resolved, the Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, calls on
the National Leadership of the SCV to issue a similar resolution during
the 2006 Annual Reunion in New Orleans.

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©2006 James Longstreet Camp, #1247, SCV - Richmond, Virginia