General James Longstreet Camp #1247
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Richmond, Virginia

Policy Statement
The General James Longstreet Camp was founded in 1961 during
the  centennial  of The War Between the States.  It consists
of descendants of those who served in  Confederate  military
service  and  is  dedicated  to  the  commemoration of their
service and the honor of their memory.  The camp is open  to
anyone  who  qualifies  under the membership requirements of
the Sons of Confederate veterans.                           

As  were  our  ancestors,  we  are  a  group  with   diverse
backgrounds,  lineage  and  opinions.   We  are  a collegial
organization based on friendship, fellowship and an  abiding
respect  for  each  member  as  an individual.  We are bound
together by a common bond, that of remembering and  honoring
our  ancestors,  whose  bravery  and  sacrifice were admired

The General Longstreet Camp does not deem itself to be,  nor
present  itself  as,  a  platform  for political rhetoric or
activity.  Rather, the Camp offers itself to those who  seek
to  remember  their  ancestors through meetings, discussions
and other activities that will  expand  their  knowledge  of
this vitally important era of our country's history.        

Harry J. Boyd, Commander
L. Taylor Cowardin, 1st Lt. Commander
MichaelL. Kidd, 2nd Lt. Commander
Walter Dunn Tucker, Adjutant/Treasurer
R. Preston Nuttall, Quartermaster
Henry V. Langford, Chaplain

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						April 2003

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