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It is my unfortunate duty to advise you that S.  Waite Rawls,  a  member
and officer of the Camp, has been brought up on charges and convicted by
the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  He has now  been  expelled  from  our
brotherhood.   A  list  of those charges has been posted on our Facebook
Group site.  Neither I nor our adjutant  received  any  notification  of
this  action  and our input was not requested.  If Waite had not advised
us of the action we would have likewise been subject  to  expulsion  for
allowing  him  to  continue  to  attend meetings.  None of my subsequent
correspondence with Headquarters has ever been  acknowledged  much  less
responded to.                                                           

In  his  defense  I would like to add my thoughts on the matter.  I have
been a member of the Museum of the Confederacy for many years  and  have
seen  their  financial struggles during the last decade or more.  At the
time they combined to form the American Civil War Museum, they  were  on
the  verge  of  bankruptcy which would have led to the disposal of their
assets by the Commonwealth of Virginia.   While  the  State  might  find
Virginia institutions interested in materials related to Virginia, their
collections cover the entire South and at best would have been scattered
across  the  country  if  not  sold outright to pay their expenses.  The
generous offer of $15,000,000 by private parties to fund  a  new  museum
offered  their  Board  of Directors a lifeline to save their collections
for permanent display in Virginia while also providing the seed money to
construct  a  new  state  of the art museum with improved storage space.
This new museum will allow for the  display  of  even  more  Confederate
artifacts  in number and in square footage.  Yes, this comes at the cost
of losing much control over how the artifacts would  be  displayed,  but
the  critical responsibility which we should all be able to agree on was
that they were preserved and the collection kept intact.                

Certain items were also moved to the Virginia Historical Society,  where
a  new  joint venture between the Historical Society and the Confederate
Memorial Literary Society (the official  name  for  the  Museum  of  the
Confederacy)  has  gained  substantial resources to scan and store those
books, diaries and photos than was available in the small  MOC  library.
That  project  has  already  borne  fruit with the availability of 1,500
photographs    that    have    been    made    available    online    at   by searching for "Confederate Memorial
Literary Society".  or use this direct link                             

Waite Rawls has been a member and friend  of  the  Sons  of  Confederate
Veterans  for many years.  He has been extremely active in our camp as a
speaker, officer and even a regular  on  our  semi-annual  road  cleanup
team.  When he retired from banking, he returned to Virginia to see what
he could do  to  right  the  floundering  ship  of  the  Museum  of  the
Confederacy and had to make many hard decisions.  It is regrettable that
in doing so it has damaged his reputation with so many in  the  SCV  and
UDC, but the bottom line is that he was the only remaining member of the
SCV in the management or even the employment of the American  Civil  War
Museum.   Would  it  not  be  better  to  have  someone  who  honors his
Confederate heritage  as  a  friend  on  the  inside  to  represent  our
interests rather than another enemy?                                    

Waite  does  have  an  appeal  pending  and if you would like to write a
letter on his behalf you may address it to Compatriot Thomas V.  Strain,
Jr.,  Commander-in-Chief,  Sons of Confederate Veterans, P.  O.  Box 59,
Columbia, TN 38402-0059                                                 


The meeting will be held on February 20th, 2018 at  our  usual  location,
Roma's Restaurant.                                                       

The January meeting was held on the 16th at  Roma's  Restaurant.   There
were  17 members and 1 guest in attendance.  Our speaker, Scott Williams
provided an excellent talk on "The Bermuda  Hundred  Campaign".   During
his  talk  he provided one of the best power point presentations we have
ever had presented to our group.                                        

We recently lost two of our long time members Harold Whitmore and former
member Walt Beam.                                                       

We currently have 61 of our members that have renewed their membership. 

Our Camp is in good financial condition however please consider donating
to the Buck Hurtt Scholarship Fund.                                     


NEXT MEETING - Tuesday, February 20, 2018




"Short Stories Behind the Historical Artwork"
Henry Kidd

Henry is a life-long resident of Colonial  Heights,  Va.   He  graduated
from  Virginia  State  University  with  a BS in Art Education, served 6
years as a Sergeant in the Army Reserves and retired from Philip Morris.

He is a nationally known artist with his works displayed in museums such
as  West  Point,  the Virginia Historical Society & the MOC.  Henry is a
member of the 12th Va.  Infantry reenactor  unit  and  portrays  General
Lewis  Armistead  at  Gettysburg Reenactments.  He was recognized by the
Va.  General Assembly with a Joint House &  Senate  Resolution  for  his
artwork  and  efforts  aiding  the  September  11th victims.  He was the
official artist for the 150th anniversary of the battles  of  Gettysburg
and  Cloyd's Mountain.  He is the past Va.  State Commander and National
Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans.


"The Bermuda Hundred Campaign"

Speaker Scott Williams told us  that  May  1864  found  Confederate  GEN
Pierre  G.   T.  Beauregard in North Carolina and MGEN George Pickett in
command of forces in Richmond and Petersburg.                           

Confederate GEN Robert E.  Lee was in the Wilderness with  his  Army  of
Northern  Virginia  opposing the Yankee Army of the Potomac commanded by
MGEN George G.  Meade.  LTGEN Ulysses S.  Grant, commander of all Yankee
armies, accompanied Meade until the end of The War.                     

Grant  commanded  a four pronged attack on all Confederate armies.  MGEN
William T.  Sherman's Army of Tennessee attacked Confederate  forces  in
Georgia  led  by  GEN  Joseph  E.  Johnston.  Yankee MGEN Franz Siegel's
troops were to march up the  Shenandoah  Valley  to  attack  Confederate
forces  led  by MGEN John C.  Breckenridge.  MGEN Benjamin Butler's Army
of the James would lead yet another attack on the Confederate capital of
Richmond.   Butler's  troops were to land at Bermuda Hundred and proceed
up the James River.  Attacking on three fronts in Virginia would prevent
Lee from shifting forces from one area to another.                      

Butler was not helped by his subordinates MGEN William F.  "Baldy" Smith
of the XVIII Corps and MGEN Quincy Gilmore of the X  Corps.   Smith  had
thought that he would command the Army of the James.                    

Butler  landed  his  troops at Bermuda Hundred, at the confluence of the
James and Appomattox Rivers, on 5 May, the same day that Grant  and  Lee
began  the  battle  of  The Wilderness.  Butler also sent troops to City
Point, which could be used to threaten Petersburg.                      

On 6 May Confederate BGEN  Bushrod  Johnson's  brigade  stopped  initial
Yankee  probes  at  Port Walthall Junction.  Next day, a Yankee division
drove BGEN Johnson Hagood's and Johnson's brigades from  the  depot  and
cut the railroad.                                                       

Butler's  thrust toward Petersburg on 9 May was met by Johnson's brigade
at Swift Creek.  Yankees drove back a Confederate attack, but failed  to
follow up.                                                              

On 10 May MGEN Robert Ransom's Confederates attacked at Chester Station,
and the Yankees retired to their trenches at Bermuda Hundred.           

Butler's attacks on 12-16 May at Proctor's Creek  failed,  and  he  once
again withdrew to the Bermuda Hundred line.                             

After  Beauregard  drove back Butler's line near Ware Bottom Church, the
Confederates constructed the Howlett Line, which led to Grant's  comment
that Butler was in a corked bottle.                                     
Use this link to see Scott's talk on Youtube

January Attendance: 18


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