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Adjutant Art Wingo and I attended  the  2017  Virginia  Division  Annual
Convention  and  Reunion in South Boston last month.  The Camp was named
as one of the Outstanding Camps in the Division.  Our new ribbon will be
installed at the Camp meeting next week.  Other awards will be presented
at a later date.  Following are  a  list  of  significant  announcements
which were made at the convention.                                      
> Dues: Membership Renewal System Forms will be  mailed  to  members  on
  June  1.   Those not paid by September 1 will be delinquent.  A system
  is coming to allow for online dues payment.                           

> Oakwood Cemetery: The motion  to  defund  Oakwood  Cemetery  from  the
  annual dues was withdrawn.                                            

> Website: The Division website is again operational at

> MOC: 1st Lt.  Commander Edwin Ray is still trying to contact those who
  contributed to the legal action against the Museum of the  Confederacy
  to  inquire  if they would like their contribution returned or to give
  it to the Division's Heritage Defense Fund.                           

> June 3 - Jefferson Davis Services at 10:00 at Hollywood Cemetery.     

> June 10 - Rededication of the Virginia Monument in  Gettysburg.   This
  is  the  100 anniversary of the dedication of the monument and members
  are encouraged to attend this special celebration.                    

There will be three nearby Confederate Memorial Day Services, Monday May
29.  Please turn out to support these events.                           

> The  Lee-Jackson  Camp will hold its annual service at the Confederate
  Chapel at 10 am.  The Speaker will be Bud Robertson, Jr.              

> The JEB Stuart Camp will also be holding its annual celebration  at  2
  pm at Huguenot Springs Cemetery, Powhatan.  The cemetery is just south
  of the river via Rt.  288.  If anyone is going to this event and would
  like to present the Camp wreath let me know.                          

> The  Dearing-Beauregard  Camp will hold its annual celebration at 3 pm
  in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg.                                    


Our April meeting was held on April 18,  2017  at  our  usual  location,
Roma's Restaurant.  In attendance were 19 members and 3 guests.         

Col.   Greg  Eanes  was  our  guest  speaker  and his topic was "Sailors

We welcome three new members to our Camp; C Ray Martin  transferring  in
from  the Latane Camp and two new members, father and son; Larry Michael
Pistole and Alex Bennett Pistole.  We  will  present  the  Pistoles with
their membership package at our May meeting.                            

Our  Camp is in good financial shape however please consider donating to
our Buck Hurtt Scholarship Fund so we may provide a scholarship equal to
those provided in the past.                                             

To date, our Camp has 71 new and or renewed members on the roll.        


Our Camp Road Cleanup

On Saturday 29 April Camp members Clint Cowardin, Lee Crenshaw, Linny Kammeter, Waite Rawls, Paul Sacra, Wally Scott, and Walter Tucker joined Road Boss Lewis Mills in cleaning up our one mile section of Studley Road (Route 606), Hanover County, near Enon United Methodist Church. Having such a good turnout of workers enabled us to complete the task in record time. Faithful regular helpers Andy Keller and Art Wingo could not be with us due to Andy's leg injury and a death in the family of Art's son-in-law. Walter


NEXT MEETING - Tuesday, May 16, 2017




"An American Experiment in Government
The Real Cause (and Result) of the Civil War."

Waite Rawls

Waite became the Executive Director of the Museum of the Confederacy  in
January  2004 and was elected President and CEO in November 2006.  He is
now the President of the American Civil  War  Museum  Foundation,  which
includes the Museum and White House of the Confederacy.                 

Formerly,  he spent thirty years as an investment banker in New York and
Chicago,  including  being  the  Vice  Chairman  of  Continental   Bank.
Additionally, he has been an Adjunct Professor at the Illinois Institute
of Technology and a Visiting Professor at the Darden School.            

Mr.  Rawls is a Trustee of the Camp Foundation, a former Trustee of  the
Civil  War  Trust  and  of  the  Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, a former
Trustee and President of the Alumni Association of  the  Darden  School,
and  a  former  member of the Board of Visitors of the Virginia Military
Institute.  He currently serves on the Board of the Bank of Essex.      

A native of Franklin, Virginia, he has a BA from the  Virginia  Military
Institute  and  his MBA and JD from the University of Virginia.  He is a
member of the Gen.  James Longstreet Camp #1247 of the SCV,  the  George
Pickett  Chapter #115 of the MOS&B, the Order of the Southern Cross, and
the Virginia Division of the Sons of  the  Revolution.   He  joined  the
Franklin Civil War Roundtable at age 9.                                 


Our April speaker was retired Air Force Colonel Greg  Eanes,  author  of
"Sailor's  Creek:  The  Black  Day  of  the Army." He opened his talk by
referring to Yankee MGEN Phil Sheridan's statement  that  the  ferocious
fighting  which  took  place  on  6  April  was  obscured by the 9 April
surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) at Appomattox.         

Having abandoned Richmond and Petersburg, General Robert E.  Lee  headed
the  ANV  west  in  search  of  supplies  and  to join General Joseph E.
Johnson's army  in  North  Carolina  to  oppose  MGEN  William  Tecumseh
Sherman's  Yankees.   LTGEN Ulysses S.  Grant wanted to destroy the ANV,
which he pursued.  General James Longstreet's combined First  and  Third
Corps  led  the  Confederate  night  march  west.   Following  were  two
divisions commanded by LTGEN Richard  H.   Anderson,  LTGEN  Richard  S.
Ewell's  Reserve  Corps  (Richmond  garrison  troops),  and MGEN John B.
Gordon's Second Corps.                                                  

Sailor's Creek was an all day battle which encompassed  three  principal
engagements fought in close proximity, mostly at about the same time.   

Yankee  MGEN  Horatio  Wright's  VI  Corps  battled Ewell's Corps at the
Hillman House.  Brevet  MGEN  Wesley  Merritt's  Yankee  cavalry  fought
Anderson's  Corps  at Marshall's Crossroads.  MGEN Andrew A.  Humphreys'
II Corps fought a running battle with Gordon's Corps at Lockett's Farm. 

Ewell's Corps was surrounded, and it surrendered, satisfying  Sheridan's
desire.   Captured  along  with  Ewell  were  generals  Seth M.  Barton,
Meriwether Lewis Clark, Sr., Montgomery D.  Corse,  Dudley  M.   DuBose,
Eppa  Hunton,  Joseph  B.   Kershaw,  and  Custis  Lee.   Artillery  COL
Stapleton Crutchfield was killed.                                       

At Marshall's Crossroads MGEN George Crook's and BGEN  George  Armstrong
Custer's  cavalry exploited the gap in the Confederate line of march.  A
charge by BGEN Henry E.  Davies, Jr.  caused the entire Confederate line
to  collapse  and the survivors to flee.  Custer received from COL Frank
Huger Santa Anna's spurs, which the latter had received from his  father
MGEN  Benjamin  Huger,  who had received them from GEN Winfield Scott in
the Mexican War.  Custer received from Frank Huger  permission  to  keep
the  spurs on loan.  Custer's widow sent to COL Huger one spur recovered
from the Little Bighorn battlefield.  The spur was later donated to  the
Virginia Historical Society.                                            

Double  bridges  over  Little  Sailors  Creek and Big Sailors Creek just
before they merged were broken down, stranding hundreds  of  wagons  and
blocking  Gordon's  troops.   They  fell  back,  and  many escaped, some
reaching High Bridge with Gordon.                                       

General Lee returned to a bluff above the battlefield and  exclaimed  in
front  of  MGEN William Mahone, "My God, has the army dissolved?" Mahone
replied, "No, General, here are troops ready  to  do  their  duty."  Lee
stated, " Yes, there are still some true men left...Will you please keep
those people back?"                                                     

Confederate soldier Vaughan Wilson, in civilian clothes at a  farm,  was
asked  by  a  Yankee  soldier,  "Are you one of R.  E.  Lee's soldiers?"
Honesty prevailed over safety, and he said that he was, resulting in his
imprisonment.   His  descendant,  retired Army Lieutenant General Samuel
Vaughan Wilson, served as president of Hampden-Sydney  from  1992  until

Shortly  after the Sailor's Creek battle, Grant began his correspondence
with Lee, which led to the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia at
Appomattox on Sunday 9 April.                                           
Sailor's Creek Map:                                                     
Battle of Sailor's Creek - Hillsman Farm | Civil War Trust

April Meeting Attendance: 22


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