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Jeff Toalson presented to us at our last  meeting  a  number  of  moving
first person narrations mostly taken from letters to or from Confederate
soldiers in the field or all too often in hospitals.  Most of these were
found  by  him  after  days  and  hours of pouring through files at such
places as the UDC headquarters.  Many such letters have  been  saved  in
these collections but most have not been published and are still waiting
to be discovered.  Many more though are still in private collections and
in  danger  of eventually being lost forever.  Therefore the first point
that I want to make once more is that if you have any old family letters
either  the Virginia Historical Society or the Library of Virginia would
like to give them a permanent home where they will remain  available  to
you and the general public.                                             

But before you donate these family treasures see if you have any related
to  the  War  Between  the  States.   It could be family letters written
during the  war  or  even  letters  written  before  or  after  the  war
discussing  the  political  climate or reconstruction.  I would like for
you to send me transcriptions of the letters for publication in the  Old
War Horse in the coming months.  I have a few of my own that I can share
and I know that Chris Trinite has some as well.  I have a  whole  volume
of  letters that General Stuart wrote but if associate member Jeb Stuart
wants to suggest  any  it  would  be  appreciated.   It  would  be  most
appropriate  for  us  to hear what our own ancestors had to say in their
own words.                                                              

I represented the camp at this year's Jefferson Davis  Memorial  program
at  Hollywood  Cemetery on June 6.  Thanks to Gary Cowardin for handling
the sound system once again, to Les Updike for our  new  wreath  and  to
Gene  Golden for helping me with the chair collection after the program.
The Reverend W.  Herman White, Chaplain of the North Carolina  Division,
S.C.V.   gave  quite  a  speech and you have to love it when someone can
reel off "low  down,  invading,  murdering,  raping,  looting,  burning,
heathens  from  the  North"  as fast as he does without having to take a
breath.  I have posted a link to the speech in  two  parts  on  YouTube.
Search for "Why Celebrate the Life of Jefferson Davis"                  

       See you at the meeting on June 16.                Andy     


Our May meeting was held on May 19, 2015 at our usual  location,  Roma's
Restaurant.   Jeff  Toalson,  author  of,  No  Soap,  No  Pay, Diarrhea,
Dysentery, & Desertion.  Published 2006, Send Me A Pair Of Old  Boots  &
Kiss  My  Little  Girls,  Published 2009 and Mama, I am Yet Still Alive,
Published 2012 provided us a very interesting and entertaining  talk  on
his latest publication, Mama, I Am Yet Still Alive.                     

On  May 28, our camp awarded The Buck Hurtt Scholarship in the amount of
$500.00 to  Sebastian  Hughes  outstanding  Social  Studies  student  of
Douglas  S.  Freeman High School.  Andy Keller, General Longstreet S C V
Camp Commander conducted the presentation.                              

The National Reunion will be held on July 15-19, 2015 at the 1021 Double
Tree Inn, 1021 Koger Center Boulevard, Richmond, VA.                    

Our  camp will be hosting the 2016 Virginia Division State Convention in
April 15-16, 2015.  The executive Committee will be very  busy  planning
this event for the next year.                                           

Barton Notes from the Chaplain---

I believe someone once said that the only thing certain about the future
is  that  it  is  uncertain.  We start each day thinking we know what it
will bring - sometimes it develops that way, sometimes not.   Some  days
"stuff happens" - an accident, a sick child, a surprise success at work,
a cancelled appointment --- you name it.  So how do you react when  that
happens?   How  do  you  keep  yourself  ready  for the unexpected?  One
important way is to commit each day to the Lord.  In his  New  Testament
epistle,  James  writes  "Come now,  you  who  say `Today or tomorrow we
will go in to such and such a town and spend a year there and trade  and
make a profit' -- yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring.  What is
your life?  For you area  mist  that  appears  for  a  little  time  and
vanishes.   Instead  you  ought to say", If the Lord wills, we will live
and do this or that".  [James 4:13-15].  Treat each day as a  gift  from


NEXT MEETING - Tuesday, June 16, 2015




Old Army & Young Family:
The Headquarters Staff of the Army of Northern Virginia
William M. Welsch

Bill lived in Springfield, NJ for 35 years, and  was  a  member  of  the
Township  Committee, Deputy Mayor and was President of the Library Board
of Trustees.  He was very active in church groups, the Little League and
served  in  the  USMC for 34 years and was an administrator at Montclair
State University.                                                       

He served on the executive board and was Preservation  Chairman  of  the
Robert E.  Lee CWRT of Central NJ.  Bill has spoken to Revolutionary War
and Civil War Round Tables, conferences and to  groups  on  Washington's
Lieutenants,  The  Generals  of  the  Continental Army, the Headquarters
Staff of the Army  of  Northern  Virginia,  General  Samuel  Cooper  and
Benedict  Arnold.   Bill  enjoys  leading  Revolutionary  War tours from
Massachusetts to Virginia.                                              

He has written a number of articles published in the book.   Journal  of
the American Revolution, in magazines and on-line.                      

Bill  founded  and  is  the current President of the American Revolution
Round Table of Richmond.  He  is  the  Co-Founder  of  the  Congress  of
American  Revolution  Round  Tables and is currently also serving as the
1st VP of the Richmond Civil War Round Table.                           

He loves living in Glen Allen for the last nine years  and  his  primary
job is being a bad influence on his five grandchildren.                 


Jeff Toalson discussed First person stories from 1863 including no soap,
no pay, diarrhea, dysentery & desertion.                                
(For more on Jeff's talk see Andy's first paragraph. HERE)

March Meeting Attendance: 24


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Longstreet Camp Donors to  Virginia  Division  Special  Funds,  Old  War
Horse, Hurtt Scholarship Fund, and Longstreet Camp General Fund.  As you
know, our cumulative listing starts in July of each year and we  do  not
meet in August.          1 August 2014 - 1 April 2015                 

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June 1865

2 Confederate GEN E. Kirby Smith at Galveston officially accepted the 26 May surrender terms. The British government officially withdrew belligerent rights from the Confederacy. Andrew Johnson lifted military restrictions on trade in the US, except for contraband of war. 3 Confederate naval forces on the Red River officially surrendered. 6 Citizens of Missouri ratified a new constitution abolishing slavery. Confederate prisoners of war, except for army officers above the rank of captain or navy officers above the rank of lieutenant, willing to take the oath of allegiance were declared released by Andrew Johnson. 13 Andrew Johnson appointed William L. Sharkey provisional governor of Mississippi. After Tennessee adopted a constitution and reorganized its government, Johnson declared it restored to the Union. 17 President Andrew Johnson named James Johnson and Andrew J. hamilton provisional governors of Georgia and Texas, respectively. 21 President Johnson named Lewis E. Parsons provisional governor of Alabama. 22 CSS Shenandoah captured two Yankee whaling ships in the Bering Sea. 23 President Johnson ended the blockade of Confederate states. In the Indian Territory Confederate BGEN Stand Waitie surrendered the Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, and Osage Battalion to Yankee LCOL Asa Mathews. This was the last formal submission of any sizeable body of Confederate soldiers. 24 President Johnson removed commercial restrictions from states and territories west of the Mississippi. 26 CSS Shenandoah captured six whalers in the Bering Sea. 28 On the last day of its operations CSS Shenandoah captured eleven whalers in the Bering Sea. 30 The Yankee military commission in Washington DC convicted all eight Lincoln conspirators of the assassination. An angry outcry went up over the decision to hang Mary Surratt.

July 1865

7 Four Lincoln conspirators were hanged. The other four were imprisoned at Fort Jefferson on Dry Tortuga Island off Key West, FL. 13 President Johnson appointed William Marvin provisional governor of Florida.


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