"May we always remember that the preservers of history are as important as the makers."
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The General James Longstreet Camp #1247 was founded  on  the
principle    of   honoring   the   memory   of   the   brave
citizen-soldier who fought for  the  Confederate  States  of
America,  and who personified the best qualities of America.
We are dedicated to honoring those brave ancestors who  took
up  arms  in  defense of their homes, their states and their
nation, and together  we  are  preserving  the  history  and
legacy  of  these  brave  soldiers so future generations can
understand the motives that energized the Southern Cause.   

Please visit us and learn more about  the  history  of  this
great country.
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Confederate Soldiers Graves Marked at Hollywood Cemetery by our Camp
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For information and questions regarding our camp that are not answered on this web site,
please E-mail our Commander, longstreetcamp1247@gmail.com.

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